We have been talking about Microsoft Teams from the very early days. It is one of the best collaboration tools for remote businesses. Even as more people head back into the office, the tool continues to evolve and gain new features, transforming how we work. New features including automatic meeting recording, call transferring between devices, and a new emoji picker with over 800 emojis adds versatility (and fun!) to your work routines.

It can be tough keeping up with the more than 300 updates made over the past year, so we are sharing some of our favorite new features here to make it easier.

Meeting Updates

Find meeting recordings based on what was said with Microsoft Search.

Microsoft Teams can transcribe meetings as they happen, and now users can utilize the Microsoft Search feature to find specific meetings based on what was said by participants. Being able to search for a meeting based on what was said makes it much easier to find specific quotes and details. You can access this feature through the search bar in Teams that you already use to find other file types.

Record meetings automatically.

The record meeting option has been available in Teams for a while now, but the new capability will enable users to automatically record all their meetings by choosing the “Record automatically” option from the meetings options page. The meeting automatically starts recording once the first participant from the same organization joins the meeting. The recording is saved to the initiator’s OneDrive for privately scheduled meetings or SharePoint for channel scheduled meetings.

Paging enables users to view twice the number of people in live videos on screen.

Microsoft Teams users can now view a massive 98 people on a video meeting with a new “paging” feature. When users are in Large Gallery mode, if there are more than 49 videos, navigation controls < and > will appear below the Large Gallery. You can use these controls to view or engage with more video participants – no more messy Zoom calls!

Calling Update

Transfer Calls between devices.

If you’ve ever had to start a Teams call in the car on the way into the office and then leave the meeting so you could join on your desktop, this new feature is for you! The new endpoint transfer capability allows you to move your calls between different devices without any interruption. While you’re in a meeting on one device, open Teams on the second one. You’ll see a message near the top of the second device’s screen informing you that you’re currently in a meeting on another device, and asking if you want to join it on this one, too. Select Join. Teams will then give you two options: “Add this device”, and “Transfer to this device”.

If you Select “Transfer to this device”, you’ll have the chance to set your audio and video preferences for the meeting on the new device before joining and disconnecting your other device. If you Select “Add this device”, Teams will automatically mute the mic on your second device before it enters the meeting to prevent an echo effect. Once it’s joined, you’ll be able to turn the mic and camera on or off as needed. With both devices in the meeting, you can now share content from either one.

Chat Update

More emojis, more fun!

Finally, Microsoft just released over 800 emojis to Teams in an expanded emoji picker. The emoji update gives users more opportunities to be expressive and have fun in their chats. It also introduces a far wider range of diversity and representation. You can select emojis by clicking on them within categories or using the short code picker to add emojis with text.

If you’re not using Microsoft Teams for your communication and collaboration needs, you should be! The best part, Teams comes automatically with Office 365.

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