Struggling with computer, laptop, printer, Wi-Fi, file sharing, or business email issues? We can fix those issues and many more, and we can help you to prevent similar problems in the future. Let Grand Technology Solutions handle your computer and network requirements so you can focus on what you do best.
Computers Running Slow?
Websites taking forever to load? Having to go get a cup of coffee while you wait for your computer to start up? Opening more than one application makes your computer unusable?

Set up an appointment for our PC Tuneup. We’ll remove old programs taking up memory, optimize performance, clean up the system registry, etc. This is a great option for older computers prior to buying a new PC.
Printer Issues?
Printer not printing? Error messages? New printer to install? Need to set up a wireless printer on your Wi-Fi network? We can work with you to fix those issues.
Virus or Spyware Issues?
Strange behavior? Alarming popup messages asking for money? Your computer might be infected with a virus or spyware. We have the

best industry-standard tools

at our disposal. Let us eliminate those issues once and for all. Make sure to check out our affordable

one-stop business solution

our Remote Monitoring and Management package! (includes Antivirus and Antimalware software)
Need a Reliable Backup Solution?
There is nothing as important as a secure,

effective backup solution

for your computer data. We have relationships established with the best backup tools in the industry. Online backup is recommended, but we have solutions for backing up your critical business data onsite as well. Let’s get a solution in place for you Check out our Remote Monitoring and Management solution, which includes online backup!
Need a hard drive, memory, or operating system upgrade?
Thinking about upgrading your computer’s memory or hard drive? You’ll be surprised how inexpensive a memory upgrade can be these days and how much it can speed up your computer. We can give you a quote and order the exact hardware you need.
Need to add an extra monitor?
Once you start working with dual monitors, you’ll never want to go back to just one! Let us help you choose the right monitor for your workstation or laptop.
Need help with your Wi-Fi router or cable modem?
Is Comcast or Verizon or one of the other Internet service providers driving you crazy with your cable modem or Wi-Fi router issues? Let us step in and take over the battle for you. We’ve got tons of experience navigating those waters and can help you avoid paying for services and equipment you don’t need.

Wi-Fi Optimization

(Eliminating Dead Wi-Fi Spots in Your Business Space)

Are you struggling with dead spots in your office space where your Wi-Fi signal is almost non-existent? We have significant experience optimizing W-Fi coverage for small business and residential clients. Just recently we worked with a small business client and quadrupled their Wi-Fi speed on the second floor. Reasonably priced equipment, plus a quick installation and configuration with Grand Technology Solutions, and your Wi-Fi dead spots can be transformed into lightning fast Internet access.
Remote Support Available!
Many issues can be resolved over a remote connection!
We offer a competitive hourly service rate of $135 per hour for small business technical support ($115 per hour for residential support), billable in 15 minute increments.

Our hourly rate applies for both

remote and onsite support

. For onsite support, the minimum charge is one hour, which includes travel time and the first half hour of support on site.

We accept all major credit cards.
Make sure to check out our affordable one-stop business solution – our Remote Monitoring and Management package!