Grand Technology Solutions provides

free consultation for new computers

(PC or Mac), servers, network components, or mobile device upgrades. Just give us a call, and we’ll ask about your current business requirements to help you make the best upgrade decisions. We are a resale partner with major vendors like Dell, Sophos, and SonicWall, and we have significant experience supporting and upgrading mobile devices as well (iOS, Android, etc.)

We’ll put our industry expertise to work to help you purchase only what you need and not fall into the trap of buying additional hardware or services that you don’t need. Purchased a device already? We can set up with hands-on support to get the very best out of your new technology.

Worried about moving all of your critical business data from one computer to another? We do this kind of data transfer work on a regular basis. Just let us know that you need the assistance, and we’ll make it happen.