Four Ways to Re-Engage Quiet Quitters

Do you know what “quiet quitting” is? Recently, the phrase has become widely popular on social media. It happens when employees just perform the tasks assigned to them without going above and beyond. Although we have heard a lot about it lately, this idea is not new. However, there are many reasons why it has become more apparent recently. For starters, many workers have reevaluated their priorities since the pandemic and now feel a stronger need for work-life balance. In addition, due to staffing shortages and increased job obligations, employees have also grown overburdened and stressed, which has caused them to scale back on their duties.

So, what can you do as a business owner to help quiet quitters find a healthy balance while remaining engaged in their work? 

Create an Environment Where Employees Can Advance and Succeed

During the pandemic, millions of workers put in long hours while also juggling difficult personal situations. Many people saw their compensation, incentives, and promotions delayed while the amount of work grew. Employees need to feel appreciated and recognized for their efforts. Business leaders can help keep workers motivated if they have the chance to engage in ongoing learning with a clear understanding of a strategy for their personal development. By addressing each employee’s learning gaps, you may increase the effectiveness of their education while concentrating on advancing their careers.

Use Gamification to Drive Employee Engagement

Most people are motivated by measuring different aspects of their lives, like their steps, sleep, calories burned, etc. So why not apply the same tactics to the workplace? Create a gamified experience to monitor employee performance, engagement, and success. Organizations can offer the highest level of engagement and connection to everyday work through friendly competitions with prizes, recognition, and instant feedback driving employees. 

Always Pay Attention to What Your Employees are Saying

Every time an employee provides feedback, managers should take action. This is a time of transition and transformation. You must continually ask the right questions to the right people at the correct times. Give them a say in how the business is run, give them influence, and pay attention to their suggestions. You will develop passionate supporters and leaders.

Become a More Flexible Workplace

Employees’ expectations for their workplace models have changed as a result of the pandemic when many workers were accustomed to working from home. We now understand that remote workplaces are possible, and many workers want to keep the option of working from home. If your business is like many others, you might discover that switching to a hybrid office model, with some remote work time and some in-office work time, is ideal for you and your team. Whatever side of the debate your company is on, giving your staff more flexibility in their work schedule and environment is critical. In other words, give your team as much freedom to set their own work schedules and have the option to work remotely as you can without compromising productivity. 

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Paul May