A Small Business Case Study

Grand Technology Solutions – A Small Business Case Study

Northern Virginia Appraisal Services
(703) 978-2110
42949 Ridgeway Drive, Ashburn, VA 20148

NVAS is a leading provider of real estate valuations for the mortgage lending marketplace. With many years of experience in the business, they have a proven track record of reducing lenders time, efforts and costs in managing the appraisal process.

What kinds of computer and information technology challenges led to you reach out to Grand Technology Solutions for small business IT support?

Angie: Initially, we were looking for a remote access solution. We sometimes need to leave the office, even for as long as thirty days, and we still needed to be able to keep the office up and running while we were on the road. We were also having some issues with slow computers and limited Wi-Fi coverage in our home office.

How has Grand Technology Solutions helped you and your business? Describe your overall experience.

Angie: GTS came recommended by another client. They implemented a great solution for remote access, and then we signed on for their small business support package. They helped clean up all of our computers and speed them up. Now we have an agreement in place where they are there for us whenever we need them 24/7, which is such a comfort. We couldn’t be happier. Just speeding up the computers has really helped our business. They also helped us with reconfiguring Wi-Fi to give us much better coverage in our home office for our computers, the television downstairs, etc.

Based on your experience, what do you see as Grand Technology Solutions’ differentiator compared to other computer support companies you have used in the past?

Angie: I prefer working with GTS over any other company we’ve worked with. Our tech takes the time to answer my questions and explain what he’s working on. He doesn’t intimidate me or make me feel like an idiot. Also, I appreciate being able to call any time. I’m very comfortable with what GTS has done for us.

Grand Technology Solutions is based in Florida, over 700 miles from you. Have there been any drawbacks to working with an IT support company that is so far away?

Angie: Not at all. Distance has never been a problem. With GTS being able to remote in and talk on the phone, it’s like the tech is right there with us in the office. He was even able to make Wi-Fi recommendations and provide us with step-by-step instructions for speeding up our home office network. Also, GTS has provided a significant amount of documentation about our computers and network, making it easier to understand what we have in place for our business. In addition to ongoing support, GTS manages our antivirus, backup, and antimalware solutions, which gives us peace of mind knowing that our critical business data and computers are safe and secure.

Grand Technology Solutions
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Paul May