Here’s How To Bust 5 Myths About Small Business IT

When small businesses and IT collide, we come across a number of misconceptions about what business owners need. For example, many small business owners think their business is safe from cyber attacks because hackers have bigger fish to fry. Other small businesses believe they are “too small” to benefit from outsourcing their technology headaches. Still others might think all they need for a successful security system is an antivirus subscription!

Here are five of the most common myths about small business IT, as well as how to bust them.

If you’re a business owner who follows these myths, you’re not alone. The cybersecurity and information technology industries are constantly changing. By reading this article, you’re putting yourself a step above the competition and preparing to boost your business.

Myth #1: As a small business owner, I don’t need to worry about cybersecurity. Hackers want big scores, like banks and doctors’ offices!

Truth: ALL businesses are vulnerable to cybersecurity threats – especially small to medium businesses. 

This myth is one of the most dangerous in the business world. Contrary to popular belief, all businesses are among the most vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. In fact, almost 60% of all small businesses get hacked each year.  The best way to protect yourself and your company from cybercriminals is to invest in strong security, high-quality group training, and 24/7 monitoring.

Myth #2: My business is “too small” to need an IT department, or a managed service provider. Even if I need it, it’s too expensive to afford.

Truth: Everyone can benefit from IT support, especially solopreneurs and businesses made up of small teams. Plus, IT services can be more affordable than you might think.

Working with a managed service provider reduces the stress and time business owners waste on IT problems, time and energy that’s much better spent running a business. Even if your business is composed of one employee—you—there’s time to be saved and efficiency to boost by working with an MSP. Remote monitoring and management, one of the services we offer here at GTS, takes the stress of cybersecurity and technology maintenance out of your hands. Through RMM, you’ve always got a reliable tech guru, ready to help, and available to hunt down security threats and tech issues before you even know they exist.

 Myth #3: As the business owner, I should oversee ALL my business’s IT needs and processes.

 Truth: The more you can get off your plate, the better equipped you’ll be to run your business. Why manage the upgrades, updates, installations, and sunsetting of all your business’s equipment? More importantly, why tackle these issues if you’re not comfortable in the industry?

Ask yourself: “How many devices do I use for work every day?” As a modern business owner or employee, that number is probably pretty high. One of our clients, the sole owner and employee of her business, relies on a laptop, a second monitor, a USB keyboard and mouse, a printer, and a tablet for her company. Now multiply that number by every employee who works for you. Overwhelmed? Anyone would be!

 Myth #4: I don’t need tech support – my customer relationship management software takes care of everything!

 Truth: CRMs can’t do it all. Many small businesses rely on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and practice management software, like the legal industry’s Clio or MINDBODY for spas and yoga studios. While these programs help reduce the time and effort it takes to manage the business, they often fall short. For one, CRMs require a LOT of tech support – and if there’s a server crash or a maintenance delay on the CRM’s end, your business could come to a screaming halt.

By integrating IT services with a CRM, small business owners can protect their businesses from data loss, predatory pricing, and computer failures.

Myth #5: My business doesn’t need all this “newfangled” technology. I’m fine with my old laptop from college!

Truth: Old technology really can damage your business’s efficiency.

Computer technology expands by leaps and bounds every day. A running joke in the IT industry is that a computer is officially “outdated” the second it leaves the factory. In fact, most computers over 3 years old struggle to run new programs and operating systems. Computers 5 years old or older find it practically impossible!

You can boost your tech’s longevity with a few tried-and-true IT tactics, like staying on top of upgrades and driver installations, practicing solid cybersecurity techniques, and relying on cloud storage that doesn’t clog your computer. And when you’re ready for that upgrade, we can help find the perfect piece of tech that helps you get the job done without breaking the bank.

There are plenty of myths surrounding small business and technology. It’s important to take these with a grain of salt – the best business owners out there are the ones who are constantly ready to adapt to new changes, seize market opportunities that weren’t there yesterday, and stay on top of upcoming trends that can help boost business.

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Paul May