Security as a Service

How Security as a Service (SECaaS) Can Transform Your Business

Many small business owners tend to ignore their IT and security needs, simply based on the idea that their business is “too small” for a full IT department. In some cases, the expense may not sound worth it – an educated, high-quality staff member, with health insurance and PTO costs. Instead, many business owners opt for a one-size-fits-all antivirus software. If they’re feeling fancy, they might splurge for a cloud server where they promise to back up all their data once a quarter (but we all know how that goes).

What if there was a way to get all the benefits of a high-quality IT department without the expense of hiring an employee? What if there were options for security software designed to fit your business’s specific needs? And what if it all came bundled in a convenient monthly service fee?

Security as a Service offers all of these things and more. Today, many small to medium businesses are using SECaaS to find a way around the IT conundrum.

What is SECaaS?

SECaaS, or Security as a Service, is an offshoot of SaaS, or Software as a Service. SaaS delivers online applications to clients via the Internet, giving clients the convenience of accessing a program or software only when they need it.

SECaaS takes this one step further: it gives businesses a way to outsource their security needs without having to shell out for an expensive IT expert or team of tech gurus.

With innovative new security systems and software hitting the market each day, it’s no longer necessary for every business to maintain a fully-stocked in-house IT department. On the other hand, today’s hackers have many more tools at their service to make mayhem. Through SECaaS, businesses have access to all the on-demand expertise, security, and peace of mind they could ever need, at a fraction of the cost of hiring an employee out of college.

In its simplest form, SECaaS could be that shiny new antivirus you downloaded from the Internet. For businesses, especially companies that handle sensitive client data, security needs may be much bigger. A SECaaS provider can still handle this—but instead of outsourcing to a single program, the business owner would outsource their security needs to a company that specializes in protecting data.

SECaaS gives businesses access to top-of-the-line, tailored programs and services.

Depending on your business’s needs, your SECaaS provider can create a tailored security system that protects your data, keeps your internal systems secure, and gives you peace of mind at a conveniently low price tag.

With a SECaaS relationship for your business:

  1. You can keep track of sensitive information and suspicious behavior with ease. Many SECaaS providers monitor logins, create or remove employee credentials, and set up automatic notifications to alert you to any suspicious behavior (like unexpectedly large downloads, logins from a different country, or sketchy USB plugins).
  2. You get the benefits of IT consultants with decades of experience, for a fraction of the cost. Why hire full-time IT consultants who each specialize in one field, when you can pay for a service with specializations in everything?
  3. You’re saving money! It’s true! Compared to the cost of hiring, training, insuring, and vacationing a permanent employee, a SECaaS subscription is the most cost-effective way to maintain your business’s security needs.

When choosing a SECaaS provider, make sure it’s one you can trust.

At Grand Technology Solutions, we’re proud to offer SECaaS services as part of our remote monitoring and management subscriptions. While you focus on your organization’s needs, we take care of your security. Your data is always in good hands: from backups to updates to ransomware protection and more, we’re here for you every step of the way.

Interested in learning more about your SECaaS opportunities? Give us a call at (904) 606-6011 or email to get started.


Paul May