Ultimate Phishing Protection

Invest in Ultimate Phishing Protection with GTS PhishGuard

We all know the dangers of phishing scams—credit card fraud, dubious wire transfers, data leaks—but what if there was a way to safeguard your inbox from phishing scams in the first place?

Four or five times a week—sometimes as often as three times a day!—our team receives forwarded emails from our clients, all asking variations of the same question:

“Is this legit? Should I respond to this message? Do I need to do anything about this?”

Traditional spam and malware filters (also known as “email security gateways”) stand between your inbox and potential threats, filtering away junk mail and suspicious attachments. But one major downside of email security gateways is that they can sometimes filter out legitimate mail, causing you to miss important client communication because it was sitting in your Junk Inbox.

So, how do we filter out potentially harmful phishing scams without impacting your day-to-day email interactions?

The solution? GTS PhishGuard – an integrated email phishing protection service.

GTS PhishGuard offers protection from phishing scams and integrates directly with Office 365. This means that you can arm your inbox against phishing scams without ever leaving Outlook. Our GTS PhishGuard service is not a spam filter, but rather an ultra-focused program that targets phishing scams, going so far as to pull emails out of your team’s inboxes if a message is identified as a threat.

Your team no longer has to forward sketchy emails to us—the system identifies suspicious emails and calls them out with bright red banners that warn you to be careful before clicking any links. Or, in the case of trickier scams, your team can click a single button from within Outlook to have the email flagged, sent to the GTS team, and run through a series of security tests with lightning fast turnaround. 

GTS PhishGuard works through three main services:

  • Mailbox Heuristics and Inmail Banners
  • Single-Click Threat Remediation
  • Smart Threat Management with Crowdsourced Intelligence

Let’s take a closer look!

Mailbox Heuristics and Inmail Banners

If someone swapped a single letter in your company’s domain name, would you be able to catch the spoof?

GTS PhishGuard looks closely at “mailbox heuristics” to identify potential threats, finding sketchy changes that only a computer can detect. This means that the program scans text, links, and sending and forwarding addresses in your emails to identify anything that seems “phishy.”

It identifies potential scams that aren’t immediately visible to the naked eye—say, swapping out the “i” in someone’s email address for a lowercase “l.” Through mailbox heuristics, our Guardian service identifies these tricky scams and calls them directly to your attention with built-in warning ribbons. There’s nothing quite like a giant red banner saying “PROCEED WITH CAUTION!” to make you think twice about clicking a link!

Single-Click Threat Remediation

If GTS PhishGuard has identified a fake email address, or you’ve received a message that just doesn’t quite look right to you, you can flag the message as suspicious and send it to GTS for review—with a single button click!

To flag an email as suspicious, just click the GTS PhishGuard button in your Outlook application. This flags the message and sends it to a safe sandbox location, where your managed service provider (that’s us!) can double-check links, look at attachments, and otherwise assess any potential threats embedded in the email. If the email is safe, we mark it as “approved” and you receive an automatic message that you’re good to go full steam ahead. If we think it’s a threat, it’ll be logged and documented into GTS PhishGuard, and automatically removed from your inbox. It will also remove the malicious email from the inbox of every other member of your team!

Smart Threat Management with Crowdsourced Intelligence

One of the most useful features of our GTS PhishGuard service is its worldwide database of community-added threats. Many common email scams (like fake Microsoft logins) use similar wording, spoofed domain names, or predatory links. If an email pops up in your inbox, our service automatically runs it past a worldwide database of documented threats—if a match is found, it will identify the message as a phishing scam and pull it from your inbox immediately.

By identifying phishing scams that have already been tagged and logged elsewhere in the world, our Guardian service can pull those emails out of your inbox before they ever threaten your team—or your business.

GTS PhishGuard is one of the most efficient ways to keep phishing scams from threatening your business.

Give us a call at (904) 606-6011 or email to learn more about GTS PhishGuard, phishing protection, and other security offerings from Grand Technology Solutions. We’re happy to help you identify places where your defenses could be stronger—and put safeguards in place to keep your business protected.


Paul May