Coaching through Technology

Reaching Remote Employees: Continuing Coaching through Technology

Over the last year, the workplace has changed significantly. Many companies were forced to move their employees from working in an office space to working remotely from home. While things are starting to return to normal, many businesses have seen the benefits of a remote workforce, and fewer are returning to the office lifestyle. Thanks to technology, it is possible to work collaboratively and productively without being in the same location, but that doesn’t mean employee coaching is a thing of the past. It is more important for your team to understand and be aware of the technology they are using. Here are a few examples of tech coaching you should be offering to your team members:

Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 365 is currently the most used collaborative platform on the market, with millions of users. However, if you don’t know how to use it correctly, you could be missing out on many of its benefits. There are various applications and functionalities your team needs to understand to get the most out of your investment in the program.

Microsoft Teams is one of the tools in the M365 toolbox that has become many businesses’ go-to for working collaboratively with their employees from home. Teams offers free instant messaging, online audio and video calls, and screen sharing to keep you in touch with your team all day long. You can share files, attach files to chat messages, and collaborate on Office documents simultaneously. The best part, teams come automatically with Microsoft 365. You can learn more about Microsoft Teams in our previous blog entry here.

At GTS, we can coach your team on how to apply all of Microsoft 365’s tools to your business needs and develop best practices. If you haven’t made the switch to M365, call GTS now at (904) 606-6011 for a free demo!

Cybersecurity Awareness

No matter if your business is big or small, all employees should understand how best to protect themselves and your company from cyber attacks. For remote workers, phishing, social engineering, compromised passwords, and weak network security can expose your business to attackers. It is important to train your employees and yourself on cybersecurity safety and best practices at least once a year to stay on top of new and emerging threats and attack techniques. 

At GTS, we can not only coach your team on the cyber threats, we offer solutions to keep your data secure with password protection, top-quality encryption, and Cyber Insurance.

Let’s Go Phishing

Phishing is the number one security threat to businesses. It is important to test your team through phishing simulations to ensure they retain the security awareness training they’ve learned. In a phishing test, the GTS team will craft a phishing scam that looks legit but can be circumvented with common sense email security tactics. Testing your team can help refresh their knowledge of past training instead of falling for an actual, costly phishing attack.

For more information on how we can help protect your business with a phishing test, check out our previous blog. From online cybersecurity awareness training to best practices for remote employees, our team of experts at Grand Technology Solutions can present comprehensive coaching on a variety of technology topics for your team. We can offer all team training through MS Teams, Zoom or video chats, as well as one-on-one support for business owners. To learn more about our services, give us a call at (904) 606-6011 or email


Paul May