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Grand Technology Solutions supports small businesses, home-based businesses, and families with technology improvements.

We have lots of clients who would be happy to share their positive experiences working with GTS. Here are a few recent testimonials:

“Grand Technology Solutions is a must if you are looking to protect and enhance your computer systems. Paul is both professional and great to work with, and he has taken my business to the next level. I highly recommend Grand Technology Solutions.” – Steve Croskey, Croskey Law

“Grand Technology Solutions has totally revamped our systems and in no time figured out so many ways to make our systems faster, but also safer, and has the whole staff sharing data – the efficiency is amazing. They are training us all as well. Such a huge relief and what an incredible difference in performance! We are thrilled with this company and their service.” – Andrea Rosenblatt, A. Chef’s Cooking Studio

“I have been working on computers for nearly 30 years, and I can honestly say that Paul May has been one of the best technicians that I have had the pleasure of relying on. Paul is super quick to respond, and his caring attitude can help to quickly settle the irritations that arise when your technical equipment is letting you down. He works fast to troubleshoot any problem, but interacts with his clients, explaining the whys and how’s, unlike your typical computer geek technician, who can seem impersonal and hurried.” – Terry, St. Johns Golf and Country Club

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