What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Why Does My Business Need One?

When we began serving small business clients in Northern Florida and around the country, many of our first customers told us that they felt their business was “too small” to need an IT company.

Their initial impression of managed IT services was that they’d need to shell out thousands of dollars per month for a large-scale technology solution, like the armies of computers and IT professionals that keep a mega-sized company with hundreds of employees running smoothly. On the other hand, they felt like they were missing pieces in a critical puzzle if they tried to run everything from a single laptop or tablet. When was the right time to upgrade? Which was the best antivirus and antimalware to use? What, exactly, is a “dongle”?

This is where managed service providers like Grand Technology Solutions come in. We help small and medium businesses reach their true IT potential with personal on-call support, remote monitoring and management, and friendly, reliable service – without breaking the bank.

So what is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

An MSP is a company that manages its customers’ IT services and systems remotely, introducing proactive protections and support at an appropriate cost. Most MSPs, like ours, operate on a subscription model – our clients pay a monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee, and in exchange, we’re on call whenever you need us.

GTS’s managed IT services also include remote monitoring and management (RMM), which allows our team to handle the workload of an entire IT department from our headquarters in Northern Florida, no matter where in the world your business might be. We use 24/7/365 monitoring and performance optimization to ensure your systems are running smoothly, and we can even diagnose, troubleshoot, and treat your computer issues without ever leaving our office. (We also offer on-site services to our North Florida clients.)

How is an MSP different from a “corporate” IT company?

Most big companies have their own internal IT departments, or they outsource their IT services to a large-scale service provider that specializes in corporate technology. MSPs often have more flexibility than corporate-style IT companies, due to their size and the technologies they use for remote support.

Corporate IT companies are also typically tied to a certain location: they only offer IT services for a certain state or city, for example, given the amount of hardware they store for potential clients and the amount of time it takes to travel between appointments. MSPs like ours, on the other hand, have the freedom that comes with remote monitoring and management: they can support any client, anywhere in the world, and at any time.

Why does my business need a managed service provider?

Trust us: your business is never too small to need managed IT services.

Many small business owners think that they can do it all – and quickly realize that they have too many tasks on their hands, especially when they’re trying to run their business, solve client problems, take payments, process payroll, and handle accounting from the same clunky laptop they’ve been using since 2011.

When you subscribe to managed IT services, you’re subscribing to peace of mind. You don’t need to ignore those flashing update alerts any longer – your MSP has you covered with remote updates, performance optimization, and more. Plus, many MSPs (like ours!) can help you get set up with critical services like Microsoft Office, so you and your employees can access your files from your cell phones, tablets, or laptops anywhere in the world.

Are you leaving your business’s IT services to chance? Grand Technology Solutions is here to help improve your systems, optimize performance, and restore your peace of mind. Drop us a line at or give us a call at (904) 606-6011 to learn more about what we do for small business owners like you.


Paul May