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Why Is My Internet So Slow?! Here’s How A Wi-Fi Overhaul Can Help

Slow Internet speeds can be frustrating, but for a business they can be downright catastrophic. How often has a poor Internet connection disrupted a client video call, or made it impossible to process credit card payments?

Your first instinct might be to turn to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). However, there are a number of other factors that could be causing a slow or disrupted connection. And luckily, your managed IT provider can fix many of these issues after some network testing. At Grand Technology Solutions, we offer complete Wi-Fi overhauls that identify, diagnose, and treat your connectivity issues to get your business running at full speed.

So, how does an Internet overhaul work?

We start by getting to the root of your business’s network issues. Through simple tests, we can identify the speed of your network. These tests are for both your internal and external networks – in other words, the connection between the computers in your office and the connection between those computers and your Internet provider. This helps us to figure out where the connectivity issue is happening. From there, we are able to take the next steps to fix it.

Although they can be a major annoyance, Internet connectivity issues can also help you pinpoint areas of your business that are an opportunity for improvement. For example, if our testing identifies an issue on your ISP’s end, GTS can help you navigate the process of problem resolution. We have years of experience acting as an advocate for our clients with major ISPs like Comcast and AT&T – so we know how to help.

On the other hand, the smallest in-house issues can have a surprisingly large impact on your business’s Internet speeds. For instance, faulty or outdated routers are one of the leading causes of connectivity issues for businesses. The type of router you’d use for a home network simply can’t support a full office. If our testing suggests that your router isn’t pulling its weight, we can set you up with an external router with the right capacity for all your business needs.

Outside of fixing your connectivity issues, a Wi-Fi overhaul can identify ways to expand your business’s online capabilities. It can also solve problems that aren’t directly related to your Internet speed – specifically, network security.

When your ISP set up your business Internet, did you ever change the admin password that came with your account? Insecure passwords (or using default admin passwords) are one of the leading security issues for small to medium business owners, and they’re also one of the easiest to fix.

An insecure network leaves your business data vulnerable to security threats – and not just hackers. If your business deals with sensitive data, like patient files or information for legal cases, how easy would it be for a guest logging into your network to accidentally access these files?

A separate guest network offers multiple benefits. First, it’s an excellent convenience for guests in your office. It also protects sensitive data from accidental (or intentional) access by the wrong people. If you store your private data on an internal network, but offer public Internet access for guests, it’s a win-win.

How does your Internet connection impact your business? If you’re struggling to maintain your day-to-day business activities because of botched connectivity, we can help. We offer Wi-Fi overhaul services as part of our remote monitoring and management packages. This means we can put systems in place to identify connectivity issues before they have an impact on your business. Give us a call at (904) 606-6011 or email to learn more.


Paul May