10 Reasons Why You Need to Make the Switch to Microsoft Office 365

If you’re thinking of migrating your company to Microsoft Office 365‘s cloud platform this year, you’re not alone. Cloud computing has changed the way businesses carry out their day-to-day operations and communication. It has also enhanced overall productivity by providing the tools your business needs to run smoothly and efficiently. Featuring apps that are customizable, user-friendly, and intelligent. Office 365 allows your business to streamline administrative tasks and help get everyone in your organization on the same page.

Here are 10 reasons why making the switch to Microsoft Office 365 is worth it, even if you are already using a different tool.

Reason #1: 24/7 Access Anywhere

Working on the move or from home has become our new normal. Microsoft Office 365 provides the perfect solution for this situation as a cloud-based suite. Users can access files from anywhere in the world at any time of day and make edits that get saved instantly — as long as you have a working internet connection.

Reason #2: Real-Time Collaboration

Collaborating has never been easier than with Microsoft Office 365. Multiple users can edit a document from different locations. Users can see edits made in real-time, leave suggested edits and comments, and even chat in-app. Plus, all changes to a document are fully reversible, and comments can be viewed even after the discussion is over. This ability to communicate seamlessly helps increase the overall productivity of an organization.

Reason #3: Support for Multi-Device

As mentioned above, Office 365 can be accessed with the help of the internet from anywhere. This is possible because Office 365 supports access from multiple devices. It allows users to switch between working from their desktop to laptops or tablets and even smartphones. In addition, most applications in Microsoft 365 work on platforms ranging from Windows operating systems to iOS devices. The only prerequisite is enlisting that device beforehand in that particular Office 365 account.

Reason #4: Security & Compliance

Microsoft Office 365’s security features help protect both individuals and businesses from attacks and unexpected events. The suite manages your deleted data according to their own Data Loss Prevention Policy. In addition, it complies with HIPAA and FISMA. Giving users the help of the most recent technology to safeguard their files over the cloud.

Reason #5: Microsoft Applications

Basic subscribers to Microsoft Windows 365 will receive many apps as part of their packages, with premium subscriptions having access to more.

Based on your subscription, your Microsoft 365 can include:

  • Excel – An intuitive spreadsheet with multiple applications and automated features
  • Publisher – Publisher application for professional-looking documents
  • Exchange – An email and calendar server
  • Teams – Groups, chat features, audio, and video meeting capabilities, and more
  • Word – The premier word processor program with multiple templates and highly customizable features
  • Planner – An all-in-one task organizer that simplifies and breaks down tasks into manageable pieces
  • OneNote – A note-taking and collaboration tool
  • Outlook – An email client as well as a personal organizer and calendar with Zoom/Teams meeting integrations
  • PowerPoint – Slide presentations made easy
  • SharePoint –Share documents to groups or across an entire organization, allow edits to documents, and more

Reason #6: Immediate Update of Applications  

Once subscribed to an Office 365 plan, you never have to spend a penny on updates. All Microsoft 365 applications stay up-to-date with automated updates, delivering you the newest features and security improvements without any additional costs.

Reason #7: User-Friendly

The interface is easy to understand from the moment you download and install Office 365 – even for a beginner. All tools are organized and recognizable. Plus, you can customize your experience with various available settings, accessibility tools, and help documents both online and offline.

Reason #8: Freedom from Hardware & Backups

When you switch to Office 365, you no longer need to worry about the time or money required to replace or upgrade hardware, and there’s no need for on-premises backups. Office 365 includes Exchange Online, so after a one-time movement of mailboxes, you’re done with all that. Files can be dragged and dropped to OneDrive and accessed from other devices. Plus, your OneDrive automatically syncs your files and changes to all your other devices, so you don’t have to worry about saving and reconciling multiple versions of files.

Reason #9: Scalability & Affordability

With an Office 365 plan, companies can choose from multiple packages at different price points. While all options require a subscription, some are more affordable than others, depending on your needs. Overall, purchasing an Office 365 plan is more cost-effective than purchasing the services offered by Office 365 separately.

Reason #10: Gives Your Business a Professional Edge

Office 365 sends a clear message that you take your business seriously, and differentiates you from other companies that use free or ad-supported services.

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Paul May