Michelle Spires, Inspiring Conscious Living

“A Win-Win All The Way Around” – An Interview with Michelle Spires

“A Win-Win All The Way Around” – An Interview with Michelle Spires

Many small business owners believe that because their business doesn’t deal with a “techy” industry, they have no need for IT services. Life coaching and whole body wellness might seem like one of those businesses, but Michelle Spires has seen a huge improvement in her business flow since working with GTS.

Through her business, Inspiring Conscious Living, Michelle helps her clients reach new levels of wellness and empowerment. And without her business technology, Michelle would not be able to connect with clients as efficiently.

“I specialize in igniting courage and value in my clients,” Michelle says. “I help my clients empower themselves to create a life they love.”

Michelle holds coaching sessions through the video platform Zoom, and facilitates hands-on modalities with local clients as well.

“My computer and internet have to be running in tip-top shape for my video conferencing calls,” she explains. “I also schedule my clients through a scheduling software, and sometimes use a biofeedback software if my clients need it.”

Michelle connected with Grand Technology Solutions when her biofeedback software—one of the critical components to her business—began running so slowly it was practically unusable. “I met Paul at a networking meeting,” she says. “He seemed very knowledgeable, caring, and easy to work with after I heard him speak to our group and sat with him for a one-on-one conversation.”

When Michelle approached Grand Technology Solutions about her software issues, we were able to improve the speed of her critical programs, getting her business running faster than ever before. “He helped me get my computer up to speed,” she says. “He is also showing me how to make sure all of my devices are secure and communicating clearly with each other.”

“I love the way Paul educates people and helps them make an educated choice for themselves without being pushy,” Michelle adds. “I have some systems in place that work really well for me and he was honest in saying that the way I am currently using them is probably best for me at the moment and that when I get to a certain ‘level’ it will be time to consider an upgrade.”

After seeing the results, she has already recommended GTS to other small businesses like hers.

“Paul’s services are very affordable!” Michelle says to other business owners. “GTS can teach you about things you didn’t even know existed. And, even more beautifully, they have a system in place to handle new products for you, or to make your existing systems as streamlined and easy as possible.”

“I enjoy sharing value with people and promoting people who provide excellent services,” she adds. “It’s a win-win all the way around!”

To learn more about Michelle and Inspiring Conscious Living, visit her website at For more information on Grand Technology Solutions’ remote monitoring and management subscriptions, get in touch! You can reach us at (904) 606-6011 or by emailing


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