Computer Learning Month 2019 – Part 2: GTS Backup Solutions

Happy Computer Learning Month! This week, we’re tackling our second computer learning topic: the importance of regular, secure backups.

Do you have a backup system in place?

No matter what industry you’re in, your business handles some type of sensitive information. Whether that includes credit card payments, health insurance information, or client contact info (or all of the above!), every business needs a way to store and protect that information.

Data backups provide a seamless, secure way to guarantee you’ll always have access to your data when you need it. Plus, backups protect your information from ransomware attacks, sudden data loss, or other IT emergencies.

In honor of Computer Learning Month, Grand Technology Solutions recently unveiled three new backup services perfect for every business: GTS Backup, GTS Office 365 Backup, and the GTS Password Management Portal. These three backup services protect your business’s most critical information with powerful encryption programs – in fact, we use the same level of encryption as military-grade security software!

What is GTS Backup?

GTS Backup protects your computer or server’s entire file system. This backup package stores copies of all files and folders on your machine (or in your network, for multiple-machine business computer systems) in a secure cloud storage location.

Unlike other cloud backup systems, GTS Backup comes with free unlimited data. Large design files? Family photos? Videos from the company Halloween party? Bring ‘em on! GTS Backup stores all file types for all business and personal procedures, keeping your information secure from data loss, cyber-attacks, and more.

Remember: an airtight backup system is the only surefire protection from ransomware and other information-based attacks. GTS Backup is your business’s solution.

What is GTS Office 365 Backup?

Like GTS Backup, GTS Office 365 Backup protects critical information in the event of a data loss or cyber-attack. However, instead of focusing on files and folders stored on your business machine, GTS Office 365 Backup protects all of the information held in your Office 365 account. This includes things like emails, contact information, calendar events, and items stored in SharePoint and OneDrive.

You might be wondering, “Why do I need a backup system if my info is already stored in OneDrive?” Well, in the end-user license agreements (which, if we’re being honest here, no one ever reads), there’s a caveat that releases Microsoft from responsibility in the event of data loss. If businesses use OneDrive and SharePoint as a cloud storage solution, Microsoft (and GTS!) recommend keeping a backup to the backup.

GTS Office 365 Backup comes with an admin pass that automatically backs up copies of emails, contact information, calendar data, and files kept in cloud storage – along with all of the historic versions of those files, so you can keep track of changes, updates, and more. In case there’s ever a catastrophic system failure, or an outage that affects Microsoft’s cloud storage, you’ll have an extra copy of the data you need to keep your business running.

What is the GTS Password Management Portal?

Gone are the days of writing complex passwords down on scrap paper – or worse, using the same “strong” password for every account. The GTS Password Management Portal is a centralized storage system for all passwords and secure credentials. It integrates with your web browser and phone to auto-fill passwords whenever you need them.

Unlike free password storage systems, which are designed for one user, the GTS Password Management Portal is the perfect tool for companies that handle individual secure credentials for multiple employees. Users can access the password management portal using their secure login information. Once inside, users find access to two “vaults”: a personal vault and a company vault. The personal vault stores logins specific to that user, while the company vault stores shared logins or other credentials employees need to access based on their security level.

For example, let’s say your company handles sales for medical products, using a secure software to process credit card payments. A salesman in your company at the lowest access level could use the GTS Password Management Portal to store his access information.

His personal vault holds his credentials for the sales platform, his email account, and his tax information. At his access level, he uses the company vault to find shared logins. Whenever needed, his team shares accounts to buy stock photos, create email newsletters, and track leads. However, your salesman wouldn’t be able to access the logins for, say, the back end of your website, the payroll system, or the company’s bank accounts. (These credentials would be restricted to people with the proper access level: your managed service provider and the CEO, for example.)

Tiered user access is one of the most convenient features of the GTS Password Management Portal. Instead of storing passwords in unsecured shared spreadsheets, your entire team can store logins in a safe, encrypted online system, accessible at any time.

Okay, I’m sold – Where do I sign up?!

Contact us today at or (904) 606-6011 to learn more about these exciting new offerings. While you can purchase all three GTS backup services separately, we can also offer all three in discounted bundles, or as add-ons to our remote monitoring and management subscriptions.

Are you leaving your business security to chance? Contact Grand Technology Solutions today to see how we can help.


Paul May