Are You Paying for Too Many Data Connections?

We’ve worked with several small business clients who carry both a cell phone and an iPad to meetings, both with paid data connections for access to the Internet.

Most cell phones (and their data packages) now allow for “Personal Hotspot” connectivity, where you can turn on a Wi-Fi connection from your phone to provide Internet access to your iPad, tablet, or laptop (often up to five devices). In many cases, you most likely already have the ability to turn this feature on.

If you have enough data available each month through your cell phone plan, consider dropping your costly data package to your iPad or other tablet device.

Grand Technology Solutions can help you configure your devices and confirm with your cell phone carrier that your data package allows Personal Hotspot connectivity.

Some Tips:

– Keep in mind that the data connection over a cell phone is slower than in your home or business. Fine for checking email or browsing some websites during a meeting offsite, but not a good Internet connection for full-time use.

– Check out how much Internet data you have available with your cell phone carrier’s monthly plan. Consider dropping the data package on your iPad or tablet only if you have enough data for Persona Hotspot use. (GTS can help with this!)

– Keep in mind that regular use of the Hotspot feature on your phone can drain the battery quickly. Best to keep the phone plugged into power when sharing the data connection.

– Make sure to lock your Personal Hotspot settings down with a strong password.


Paul May