Small Business Security Package

GTS O365 Guardian: The Complete Small Business Security Package

In past articles, we’ve taken a closer look at some of our most sought-after offerings: GTS PhishGuard, GTS EncryptGuard, and GTS Office 365 Backup. These collaborative tools combine to create an all-in-one security package for small business owners who rely on Office 365 – and it will be a powerful part of your daily routine.

That’s why we’re so excited to roll out GTS O365 Guardian: the complete Office 365 security package for small business owners.

What is GTS O365 Guardian?

Office 365 is one of the most powerful tools out there for small business collaboration and organization. However, because of its popularity, Office 365 is also a target for hackers, scammers, and cyber-attacks. As a business owner, you need protection from prying eyes, phishing scams, and unexpected data losses.

In other words, you need a Guardian.

Instead of shelling out for individual subscriptions to security services, GTS O365 Guardian bundles the critical components of your Office 365 security into one easy-to-use subscription.

The Guardian package includes:

  • GTS EncryptGuard for top-notch email encryption.
  • GTS PhishGuard for peace of mind in every inbox, preventing and identifying phishing scams before they can impact your business.
  • GTS O365 Backup for a much-needed layer of backup protection in case your Office 365 files and data are ever part of a data breach, data loss, or server failure.

 What is GTS EncryptGuard?

All businesses handle sensitive information, whether that means credit card information or customer mailing addresses. GTS EncryptGuard keeps your email data safe from prying eyes with flexible encryption services. No more failed sends or unprotected emails in the event of a protocol error—GTS EncryptGuard will automatically find a safe path forward for your sensitive data!

What is GTS PhishGuard?

This proactive and reactive service identifies phishing scams before they can target your inbox, comparing suspicious emails to an international database of confirmed scams. If there’s a match, GTS PhishGuard pulls the email right out of your inbox. If you’re ever worried about an email’s legitimacy, forward it to our safe sandbox location for testing with a single button click.

What is GTS O365 Backup?

Never lose important documents again! GTS O365 Backup offers automatic protection for everything associated with your Office 365 account: emails, contact info, calendar data, and files kept in cloud storage. In the event of a cyber-attack, data breach, or data loss in Microsoft’s cloud storage, your files remain safe and protected.

GTS O365 Guardian offers everything you need in a security package for Office 365, without the hefty price tag that comes with stacking individual services.

Contact us today at (904) 606-6011 or email to learn more about GTS O365 Guardian and receive your custom quote for the ultimate small business security package.


Paul May