What Would You Do If You Lost Everything? Backups!

What would you do if your computer crashed and you lost EVERYTHING?

Do you have backups of your data? If you’re a home user, are you willing to risk all of your family photos and important documents if your computer crashes? If you run a small business, how much time, money, and potential revenue would be lost if you suddenly lost access to your critical business data?

The first question we ask new clients is, “What are you doing for backups?” Very often, the response is something like, “Yeah, I’ve been meaning to get around to that.” We’re often told that the user has an external hard drive that they plug in to manually copy data. When we ask how often that manual data copy happens, a common response is, “Every couple of months. I guess I should probably be doing that more often.” It is surprising to see how many people just don’t even bother to take any kind of action for backing up their data. These are disasters just waiting to happen.

Whether you’re working with a family computer or a work group of PCs in a small business, in today’s digital world, data backup is critical.

GTS helps clients with two types of backups:

1. Data Backups:

We work with products like iDrive and Carbonite to help people back up their critical data. While this type of backup does not include applications or the operating system for a Mac or PC itself, the folders and files from the computer are backed up safely. GTS can help you with either local (onsite in your home or business) or cloud-based (stored on a secure server) backup solution.

2. Image-level Backups:

For businesses that require a quick recovery in the event of a computer crash, GTS offers image-level backups with products through Acronis. An image-level backup captures the entire computer or server at the moment it takes the backup. This includes the computer’s operating system itself as well as all of the applications and data folders and files. A computer or server can be recovered in a few hours, as opposed to the kind of time it would take to replace malfunctioning hardware, reinstall the operating system, find licenses for all software applications, reinstall and configure all programs, and then restore the file and folder data. That kind of recovery can take several days, with the potential for lost revenue and major headaches.

Whether you want to go with data backups or image-level backups, Grand Technology Solutions has significant experience helping residential clients and business owners implement simple, AFFORDABLE backup solutions.

Call today for a free demo of our backup solutions and give your family or your business the peace of mind knowing that your data is safe and secure, and that you’re not looking at a week of downtime in the event of a simple hardware malfunction.

Take action today and get your backup solution in place. It’ll be one less nagging voice for something you know you should be doing.

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Paul May