Work From Anywhere With Office 365

With an affordable Office 365 implementation, you and your small business staff can work from anywhere, using any device and securely share files, calendars, and contacts with your team and your customers.

We just finished moving another new client away from an old web-based email system and into an Office 365 platform. For a couple hundred bucks per user per year, we can help you transform the way you do business. Work from home or work from the road. Your files will be secure and accessible from any device. Your email, files, and all other important business data stay safe stored in one place.

We have lots of clients that would be happy to share their positive experience working with an Office 365 platform custom-built for their small business by Grand Technology Solutions.

Call GTS now for a free demo. We’ll walk you through using your own domain-based email, OneDrive, SharePoint, and OneNote – powerful tools that can maximize your time and teamwork! This is also a fantastic solution for home-based businesses. Ask us how we can declutter your business workspace!

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Paul May