5 Reasons to use Managed Services

5 Reasons to Use Managed Services in 2022

For a business to run smoothly, safely, and securely, your IT infrastructure needs to be managed by experienced professionals. From updating devices and networks to ensuring data privacy and protection, overseeing IT operations can be challenging.

Unfortunately, many small and medium businesses don’t have the time, talent, or money to keep their IT operations in-house. That’s why many companies have already outsourced their IT needs to a Managed Service Provider (MSP). Here are the reasons you should too!

1. Enhanced Security

Growing cybersecurity threats are on everybody’s mind right now. Like in previous years, businesses will need to have proper security measures in place to avoid data breaches caused by phishing attempts, ransomware attacks, and other vulnerabilities.

MSPs like Grand Technology Solutions offer your business 24/7 remote monitoring and management, so threats and vulnerabilities can be immediately addressed and fixed. This proactive approach to IT makes sure your devices and networks are up-to-date on security patches and maintenance. In addition, MSPs can also provide your organization with the latest technology and innovative business solutions to protect your clients, staff, and your business’s reputation.

2. Damage Recovery

It would be nearly impossible for many small businesses to come back from a major cyber attack or if their physical premises were destroyed. However, a Managed Service Provider can offer peace of mind when such events occur. MSPs will keep your organization’s entire network and system regularly backed up, online and offsite. So it won’t matter what disturbs or breaches your IT infrastructure. Your business will be able to continue to operate.

3. Return on Investment & Cost-Effectiveness

One of the biggest reasons businesses choose to use a Managed Service Provider is its cost savings. MSPs can reduce expenses related to typical IT budget items, including hardware costs, software and network infrastructure costs, and maintenance costs. Maintaining an entire in-house IT department is not always cost-effective. In addition to salaries and benefits, there are also costs associated with employee education and keeping IT resources up-to-date on the latest technologies and methodologies. MSPs can provide a package of services based on an organization’s needs, creating more predictable IT spending.

4. Focus on Your Core Business

A Managed Service Provider can act as an extension of your internal IT department, taking care of routine IT infrastructure and offering monitoring and management around the clock so that your IT staff is freed up to work on more important projects. In addition, MSPs can help redesign workflows, upgrade equipment, and automate specific tasks. This takes the pressure of daily processes off your team so they can focus on innovation and push your business forward.

5. Strategic Partnership

A good Managed Service Provider will serve as a valuable partner in helping your business grow, not just a service you call when something breaks. MSPs have a team of experts with in-depth knowledge in many IT areas and can offer insights to grow your business. Plus, when things do break, most of the time, these MSPs have already fixed the same issues with their other clients and can use this knowledge to remediate an organization’s current problems.

When you choose to partner with a reliable MSP, like GTS, you don’t have to worry about daily IT operations, reliability and speediness of your network connection, or the overall state of your IT infrastructure. To learn more and gain some peace of mind, give us a call at (904) 606-6011 or email today. We’re ready to help!


Paul May